If you are in the market for a used home and you’re having difficulty finding the property which is right for you, then you may be interested in learning a bit about purchasing a used home short sale. For those who have not been familiarized with the process of short sale purchase, a property which

The prospect of becoming a homeowner for the first time is simultaneously exhilarating and frightening. The thought of finally having a place to call your own and make into your dream house is thrilling, but as you start looking into the process, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the expense involved and the number of

The number of existing homes for sale increased 9.6% in February 2013 to their highest level since November 2009. This is welcome news not only for both homeowners and potential buyers, but for the country as a whole. It indicates a trend towards ongoing recovery in the housing market, relief for homeowners, and a potential

It’s been a long time coming, but the Phoenix real estate market is showing significant signs of improvement. Purchase prices are stabilizing, there are more qualified buyers and the number of foreclosures and short sales is decreasing. The term short sale refers to properties where the bank accepts a purchase price lower than the mortgage

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